Premiere: Eva Shaw Taps Jazz Cartier and Kris the $pirit on “Outside”

On bass-boosted, confident track "Outside", Eva Shaw taps Jazz Cartier and Kris the $pirit for what shaw calls her favourite track yet, a blend of rap and R&B.

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Eva Shaw, the ever prolific Toronto producer, has just dropped a killer collab with Jazz Cartier and Kris the $pirit.

An ominous, confident, and bass-boosted track, “Outside” has a knack for clever and witty raps over an EDM beat.

“I am inspired by unique approaches to art. I’m always looking to do something different and I think that stems from having such a wide range of tastes. The quality of the sounds and engineering of a record is really important to me. It needs to fill the space and make you feel some type of way in the beat,” explains Shaw. “I like to use elements of EDM in hip-hop to create a new, futuristic approach.”

“I wanted Kris the $pirit on this beat because of how intelligent and captivating his rhymes are,” she continues. “There aren’t a lot of rappers who can write like he can. The combination of him and Jazz Cartier is exactly what I was looking for with this record. Jazz has got an incredible aesthetic. He is an all around unique entrepreneur and artistic visionary. I feel I can relate to him on many levels in that sense. ‘Outside’ is one of my favourite records yet and I can’t wait to put it out into the world.” 

Jazz Cartier applauds Shaw’s production of the track. “I connected with Eva on this because I love the energy of the song. It’s fun doing something different,” he says, while Kris the $pirit calls “Outside” “An ode to the south side of Montreal urban communities with a southern American flare.”

Eva Shaw’s debut album, which features 30 different rappers, is coming soon. She has worked with Shaggy and Wyclef Jean, and has topped the Billboard dance charts with remixes of Rihanna, David Guetta, and Fifth Harmony

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