Premiere: 11:11 Keeps Up the Momentum on "Call Me Daddy"

The Toronto R&B artist premieres his sultry new track on Complex Canada.

11 11

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11 11

11:11 has been keeping busy during quarantine. Coming on the heels of last month’s cinematic visuals for "Me, Chanel & Jameson," the Toronto native is back with another hypnotic track, "Call Me Daddy." Listen to it below.

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The new single keeps up with the momentum that 11:11 has been building all year. Between his latest drops and securing a cosign from Joe Budden, he’s been making impressive marks on Toronto’s dense R&B scene, even without IRL interactions to back up his online releases. 

The COVID-related physical constraints have also altered 11:11’s writing process. In an email, he told Complex that “it’s made (creating) a bit harder because we can’t really get out and do stuff. We can’t really experience life and socialize with others and create moments to write about.”

And while R&B artists like Anderson .Paak and Trey Songz are putting mattress music on the back burner in favour of more on-the-nose tracks about the current pandemic and police brutality, 11:11 is taking a different approach. "Call Me Daddy" isn’t a protest anthem, but it still serves a purpose. “It does feel a little weird, but I feel like people need something new,” 11:11 wrote. He hopes that the new single will be “something refreshing to kinda get their mind off of everything that is going on.” Though unconventional, he says that “it’s a way to get through this all. It’s part of the healing.”

Like "Me, Chanel & Jameson," Call Me Daddy is a taste of what you can expect from 11:11’s upcoming album. In addition to the smooth vibes and sharp vocals, he teases, “you can anticipate me helping you get laid a lot more when you throw this album on.” Sounds promising. 

The phenomenon of calling your partner daddy has been widelydebated and discussed, but 11:11 insists that “being called daddy is not weird. It’s only weird if you make it weird, and depending on who it’s coming from.”

To top it off, "Call Me Daddy" is aptly dropping the week of Father’s Day. Get it? 

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