Ice Spice Posts Photos With Cardi B Celebrating Their Dominican Roots: ‘De Lo Mio’

The Bronx rappers prove once again that there is no beef between them.

Two women posing at an event, one in a sheer gown with bodysuit, the other in a beaded black dress
Two women posing at an event, one in a sheer gown with bodysuit, the other in a beaded black dress

It’s been a particularly heated moment in hip-hop, as new beef between the genre’s top rappers seems to pop up every week. Ice Spice and Cardi B are two artists who have recently made headlines for feuding with peers, but an affectionate exchange online suggests that any alleged beef between the two New Yorkers is currently nonexistent. 

On Wednesday, Cardi B responded to TikTok creator Raymonte after he shared a video calling the rapper “very, very ghetto.” This sparked a back and forth between the two on X, where Bardi also slammed Raymonte for calling her “Mexican,” arguing that he doesn’t say things like that to other Dominican celebrities such as Zoe Saldaña or Ice Spice. 

“I asked you why you feel comfortable calling me a Mexican when ice and jharell Jerome Zoe Saldana are Dominicans and you don’t do that to them,” Cardi wrote to Raymonte. “You do it to me because you know that’s what people use to hurt me…”

Cardi B tweets in response to a user's comment about calling her Mexican, clarifying her Dominican background and addressing respect towards people

Ice then joined the discussion, offering an explanation. “No offense bardi its cus i have a dominican parent & a black one 😭🖤,” wrote the 24-year-old.

But Cardi, 31, clarified why Raymonte’s comment offended her so much.

“I think there might be some confusion on what was said. I asked why he feels so comfortable calling me Mexican? I have no Mexican parents. My mom is Trini.. she came out of a whole black woman. My father is Dominican…I’m Dominican just like you,” she wrote while quote-tweeting Ice Spice. “I also used other Dominicans as an example because as you should know a lot of times we get clustered into one because of the language.” 

She ended her response by asking Spice for a favor. 

“Also can you send me that pic you took of me wit ya camera from vanity fair? Thank youuu 💋,” she wrote. 

The image shows a Twitter exchange between two users discussing ethnic identity and misunderstandings related to it
Cardi B tweets about confusion over her heritage and cultural identity; she discusses her Dominican roots and thanks a fan

Spice responded by sharing two photos of them smiling and posing together at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party back in March. She captioned the post “de lo mio 💋🇩🇴,” which translates roughly to “of mine,” referring to the rappers' bond over their Dominican roots.

Cardi reposted the photos to her account with red, white, and blue hearts, representing the colors of the Dominican flag. 

Cardi B and Ice Spice in mesh outfits with peace signs at an event

This sweet exchange squashes assumptions that there’s any serious beef between these two stars. Cardi B released “Enough” last month, firing back against her “opps linking up” and prompting many to speculate who those opps might be. Even though the rapper denied dissing the young “In Ha Mood” hitmaker last year, people continued to speculate about problems between the two because of their shelved “Munch” remix and Spice’s past collaboration with Nicki Minaj—Cardi’s primary rap nemesis

Now that the air is clear, hopefully we’ll see a collaboration from the Dominican duo released in the near future.

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