Premiere: Nemahsis Drops Her Impassioned First Single, "what if i took it off for you?"

The singer-songwriter bares her soul on her impassioned debut single, using her smooth vocals to convey her frustration at being tokenized as a Hijabi woman.

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You might recognize Nemah Hasan, a.k.a Nemahsis, from her popular TikTok account where she makes vids about fashion, beauty, and of course, singing. Now, the Toronto-based singer-songwriter is finally releasing her smooth debut single “what if i took it off for you?” on which she doesn’t hold back.

The track is the first song Nemahsis ever wrote, which is fitting that it’s her first single. Thematically, it deals with her experience getting screwed over by a multimillion dollar corporation who refused to pay her for a campaign by explaining, “It’s a good look for your community.” When she told them to not use her image, she boldly told them off: “I’m not going to be anybody’s token Hijabi girl.” The song examines the fallout after the brand ignored her and used the images, analyzing Nemahsis’ emotions and identity through the soulful, impassioned ballad.

Nemahsis in a cream outfit

“I felt like such an idiot. I was supposed to be strong and independent,” she tells Complex of the incident. “I was too proud to admit what had happened. But I will not be anybody’s victim.” She expertly uses her lyrics to convey her frustration at being used: “What if i took it off for you/ would you love me the way they never do.” She admits she felt taken advantage of over sweeping, ethereal melodies, singing that she’s a fool.

“This song is for everyone that doesn’t fit the mould and has felt the need to compromise their individuality in order to be accepted—my wish is to echo your voices,” she says.

This may only be the first we’re hearing of Nemahsis, but it’s a stunning debut. Plus, it was co-written with none other than Mustafa.

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