Rap Fans Debate Viral 'Mixtape Mount Rushmore'

Most people mentioned Gucci Mane's mixtape run in the early to mid-2000s.

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Rap fans are in a hefty debate regarding which rapper has the best mixtape catalog.

Earlier this week, someone on X, formerly Twitter, shared a tweet featuring a photo of FutureJeezyLil Wayne, and 50 Cent on Mount Rushmore with a caption stating that was his list of artists with the best mixtape catalogs. The second caption asked others what their mixtape Mount Rushmore was, and the floodgates were kicked wide open with all different responses.

50, Wayne, Future, and Jeezy all have legendary mixtape series that helped define the once beloved mixtape culture. 50's G-Unit Radio helped lure fans to the Queens rap legend's music, while Weezy's mixtape run in the mid-2000s propelled him into superstardom with various series such as DedicationTha Drought, and more. 

Jeezy's Trap or Die series in the early '00s was also beloved by fans and helped usher in a new era in Southern hip-hop music, with Future adding to that legacy years later with his incredible mixtape run that included Monster56 Nights, and Beast Mode

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People on social media threw various names into this mix as worthy contenders such as Fabolous, Curren$y, Joe Budden, Dipset, Lloyd Banks, and more. Andrew Barber of Fake Shore Drive noted that Gucci Mane's mixtape catalog is one of the best and needs its "own mountain."

"Gucci Mane needs his own mountain tbh," Barber wrote. "That man has 77 mixtapes under his belt, and I'm not even sure that number is accurate. The most prolific by far.needs his own mountain tbh. "

Former Complex writer David Drake echoed that same sentiment writing, "I genuinely think it's crazy ppl don't see Gucci as the obvious mixtape GOAT. Almost all original material, more prolific, hooks bars protégés consistency across 5 years … eating these guys alive. Imo. Career overall, different story … but everything great about him was channeled into mixtapes & singles."

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Check out more responses to the mixtape Mount Rushmore question below. 

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