Who Peed on Drake? An Investigation on Meek Mill's "Wanna Know" Outro

This was the best part of Meek's diss.

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Meek Mill's "Wanna Know" leaves a lot of questions to be answered: Why did Nicki let this happen? Who is responsible for this corny cover art? And, most importantly, who peed on Drake? Thankfully, we might have an answer to that final, most pressing question. 

Early this morning, Julia Beverly, beloved Twitter instigator and founder of Ozone Magazine, took to Twitter to shed some light on the situation.

Drake got peed on by TI's drunk friend Cap at the Takers premiere in Hollywood. (or so I heard from reliable sources)
Story I heard: Cap was fresh out of the Feds & drunk during the premiere, peed in the aisle & on Drake. He got clowned for not reacting.

According to Beverly's tweets, the man responsible for Drake's golden shower is one of T.I.'s close friends named Cap. Beverly then followed this series of tweets by tweeting a screenshot detailing Cap's criminal history.

so honestly, you're in a movie theater & this guy, drunk, pees in the aisle & splashes u. what do u do? pic.twitter.com/3fMKYr2OhT

In 1998, T.I.'s friend was charged with felony murder, aggravated assault, and possession of a firearm. After initially being sentenced to life in prison, Cap was released in 2006 due to new evidence that pointed towards self-defense. Cap was then sentenced again in 2011 (one year after the Takers premiere) and is now serving his original sentence in a Georgia prison. In short, Cap is not the kind of dude you want to fuck with.

All in all, the fact that this is the most discussed part of Meek's diss record is a pretty clear indicator that Meek is taking the L on this one. Maybe next time, Meek. 

"A for Effort. Right?" pic.twitter.com/lHkJMmYLMu

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