Yeat Unleashes '2093' Album f/ Drake, Childish Gambino, Lil Wayne, and Future

The Portland MC says the 22-track project is unlike anything he's ever released, teasing, "People have no idea what it’s going to sound like."

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Yeat delivered.

On Friday, the West Coast rapper came through with his much-anticipated studio album 2093. Yeat began teasing the project nearly a year ago, after announcing his plans to drop another full-length project instead of an AftërLyfe deluxe.

Yeat continued to tease 2093 throughout the past year, sharing snippets on Instagram as well as photos from various studio sessions. The rapper/producer spoke about the effort in a November 2023 interview with 032c magazine, saying 2093 would be unlike any other record in his discography. 

“Between the last record and this upcoming one, it feels like a 10-album difference in time,” he told the outlet. “People have no idea what it’s going to sound like. It’s, like, 2093, dystopian society.”

Anticipation increased last month when Yeat teased the album’s fast-approaching release and shared a couple of clues about possible features. One of the photos was a screenshot of Yeat’s FaceTime call with Drake, while another slide showed him in the studio with Donald Glover. 

“Me n gambino going chips for grass and yall would never know,” he captioned one post. 

Yeat also hinted at Lil WayneFuture, and Zack Bia contributions; however, no guest artists were visible when he unveiled 2093’s 22-song tracklist. Titles include “Psycho CEO,” “U Should Know,” “Stand on It,” “Mr. Inbetweenit,” and the closer “1093.” Weezy and Future did end up on the final tracklist, as did Drake and Childish Gambino.

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The Portland-raised artist spoke about his affinity for numbers in the aforementioned 032c interview, explaining why he sometimes prefers to use numerals rather than words.

“I think I can communicate better with numbers than letters sometimes,” he said. “I mean, on certain days there are no words for me at all,” he shared. “For example, I don’t send addresses, I just send coordinates. I can just look at the numbers and know where it is, based on the equator. But often the numbers also relate to some of my businesses and companies. I actually have a few, but people don’t know about them because they’re privately held, and I don’t want to deal with shareholders.”

You can stream 2093 now on Apple Music, Spotify, and other major platforms.

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