Amaal Is Joined by Her Sisters for an Intimate Performance of Her New Song "So What"

Amaal's EP "Black Dove" is coming out July 12.

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Toronto's Amaal has been on a steady rise since the start of 2019 with the release of some new music and accompanying visuals that have racked up over a million views (and counting). She's just about to drop her most comprehensive project yet, her EP Black Dove, and Amaal has linked up with Red Bull Music to mark the occasion with an intimate performance that brings her family, whom she calls her "soul," along for the ride. 

The middle child of eight sisters and two brothers, family and sisterhood have always been important to her creative practice.  "My sisters are the people I go the minute I have an idea for a song," Amaal shares of the special bond she has with her family.  In this installment of Red Bull's Queued Up, Amaal is joined by a handful of her sisters for a rendition of “So What”, which will be on Black Dove when it drops on July 12.

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