The Weeknd References 'Blacked' While Commenting on Travis Scott's 'Utopia' Album Art

Don't lie, you're here because you already knew what The Weeknd was talking about.

Image via Getty/Alexander Tamargo for E11EVEN

The Weeknd jokingly commented on one of Travis Scott's five Utopia covers, referencing the adult film series Blacked.

Trav shared the second cover for his long-awaited fourth studio album on Instagram Wednesday, a collage consisting of three images, one of which shows a blond white woman seated in a chair with four shirtless Black men standing around her.

"#BLACKEDTOPIA," The Weeknd responded with a portmanteau combining Utopia and the adult film series you're well aware of.

Utopia is due this Friday, July 28. Abel is likely to make the album via last week's single "K-Pop."

The Weeknd wasn't the only one to make the connection. A number of people commented on how the image got them immediately thinking about pornography, and we're not talking about the track off La Flame's debut studio album Rodeo.

All press is good press for Scott as the release of Utopia draws near. Trav has seemingly tried to pull out all the stops for his forthcoming album (and stadium tour), starting with the Utopia briefcase that was first seen handcuffed to a bodyguard in Los Angeles before appearing on Abbey Road in London and in the company of his other "K-Pop" collaborator, Bad Bunny.

La Flame also planned on showcasing Utopia with a performance at the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, but the show has since been canceled due to production issues. He has vowed to return with four more similar experiences already in the works.

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