Roddy Ricch on Nipsey Hussle: 'He's the Reason Why I'm Here Today'

Roddy Ricch is especially grateful for what Nipsey Hussle did to help his career.

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Roddy Ricch recently stopped by Big Boy's Neighborhood where he spoke at length about Nipsey Hussle and how he helped impact his career.

At the 16:30 mark, Roddy reveals how his collaboration with Nipsey on the 2019 hit track "Racks in the Middle" was purely coincidental. While in the studio with Future, the Compton rapper decided to see what producer Hit-Boy was working on across the hall.

It turned out that Hit-Boy was working on the instrumentation for a song that would eventually become "Racks in the Middle," but at that time, Nipsey wasn't attached to track, and Hit planned on keeping it for himself. Months later, Roddy revisited the song with Nip, who immediately pressed him about getting a music video done in the freezing cold before heading off on tour with Post Malone

At the 8-minute mark, Roddy recalls feeling like he was on top of the world after performing at Ultra Music Festival with Marshmello in front of 100,000 people, the day before finding out about Nipsey's death. What hit Roddy especially hard was just how much Nip meant to his career being the "one dude who co-sign you on the West." While he admits that O.T. Genasis also helped him behind-the-scenes, Roddy sees Nipsey as "the reason why I'm here today." Ricch also revealed that he was previously considering signing to Nipsey's All Money In imprint but ended up not doing so.

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