Hit-Boy Addresses 21 Savage's Remark Questioning Nas' Relevancy

While promoting 'King's Disease III' on Power 106 Los Angeles, Hit-Boy spoke on 21 Savage making headlines for wondering if Nas is relevant.

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Hit-Boy brought up 21 Savage’s remark about Nas still being relevant during a recent interview on Power 106 Los Angeles. 

After discussing the meaning behind King’s Disease, the recently completed trilogy that paired himself with Nas, Hit-Boy spoke about how jealousy and hate has played a part in the untimely death of Nipsey HusslePnB Rock, and Takeoff. Hit-Boy felt as though 21 Savage embodied those same emotions when he appeared on a Clubhouse chat wondering if Nas was the greatest rapper of all-time, with 21 asking, “What y’all saying relevant, though?” He continued, “I don’t feel like he’s relevant. I just feel like he got fans. … He’s not relevant. He just has a loyal-ass fan base and he still make good-ass music.”

“Even take like the 21 Savage thing. I just feel like that’s a part of King’s Disease,” Hit-Boy said. “How do you look at a Black hip-hop artist, legendary guy, who just won his first Grammy a couple years ago, right…just put four critically-acclaimed albums.” The prolific producer pointed out that up-and-coming artists in other genres, such as rock, don’t disrespect the legends who did it before them. 

“We have to see that with hip-hop, and that’s just wack, man…that’s what King’s Disease is,” he said. 

Over the last few days, a number of artists have come out in support of Nas, including his brother Jungle, who called 21 Savage “trash.” Fivio Foreign also weighed in, saying Nas has done “too much...to be disrespected like that.”

21 Savage posted a tweet on Monday stating he never meant to disrespect Nas with his remark.

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