Lil B Lets Us All Know Frank Ocean Is Still Alive

Frank Ocean is indeed still alive and we all have Lil B to thank for the update.

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Lil B continues to spread positive vibes to the world and has now given fans an important update on the reclusive Frank Ocean, which confirms that the mysterious Odd Future singer is indeed still alive. In a text conversation with Complex, Lil B said that Frank Ocean is very inspiring. Lil B isn't lying. "New Lil B photography coming soon!!! and frank ocean is very inspiring and the fans want you!!," he wrote. Well, we all want Frank Ocean updates right now, especially with no sight of his new album in sight. 

Interestingly enough, Frank made a very rare public appearance just last weekend in Los Angeles with the newly single, Calvin Harris. The two friends hit up Nobu in Malibu, California for dinner before reportedly heading out after.

Back in January, Rich the Kid made the Internet collectively lose their minds when he shared a screenshot of him and Frank facetiming together. Many were left speculating that the two artists were collaborating on something or even potentially working on Frank's long-awaited new album together. Rich ended up deleting his original tweet, which leaves us to think that Frank didn't want the internet's eyes on him at that point. 

Frank has basically been absent from the public eye while working on his album, with updates about the project coming in from everyone but Frank himself. The album was originally promised to arrive in July of 2015, but the summer, winter, and spring came and went without any new music from Frank, leaving his fans to commiserate online. In March, Frank's right hand producer, Malay, noted in an interview that Frank will release the album when he is ready and that "people are going to be pleasantly surprised, for sure." Most recently, James Blake hinted at the greatness Frank has been working on all this time telling fans, "He is onto something, he really is."

For now, we're just happy to see evidence of Frank out doing things but we are anxiously awaiting his new music just like everyone else.

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