Manchester's Mastermind Unites With Chip And Nafe Smallz For Cool-Headed "WaveTime 2"

Watch three kings ride a wave in the new sequel.

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Just a few months ago, rising Manchester spitter Mastermind dropped the massive break-out banger "WaveTime" and it's already sitting comfortably on seven figure streams. Naturally, with a surprise hit like that, it was perfectly built for an A-list remix and now that time has come.

Joining him on "WaveTime 2" are North Londoner Chip and Luton star Nafe Smallz. All three have wildly differing styles, but somehow they come together as a cohesive whole as they blend the melodies into their flow to fit the gentle bump of the guitar-led instrumental. The video for the sequel is a pretty straight-forward affair, tracking the three MCs as they lay out their lyrics in a trendy spot with an expensive whip to complete the look.

Watch the video for the "WaveTime" remix at the top.

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