Yung Miami and DJ Akademiks Get Into War of Words After Rapper Teases Diss Track: 'Why You Speaking On Women?'

The sizzling spat between Yung Miami and DJ Akademiks has reached its boiling point.

DJ Akademiks and Yung Miami have been going at it on social media for ages, and over night it turned into an all-out war.

The two have been feuding since 2022, when Ak called the City Girls rapper a "side chick" for dating Diddy while he introduced a baby with Dana Tran. The back-and-forth between Yung Miami and Ak spiraled out of control on Tuesday, just days after the rapper teased a track where she disses Ak.

“Akademiks, you a bitch, why you speaking on women?” she raps about the media personality in a video shared by Rap Alert.


— Yung Miami (@YungMiami305) January 14, 2024
Twitter: @YungMiami305

Akademiks immediately got defensive, calling out Yung Miami for distancing herself from Diddy amid his multiple sexual assault lawsuits. "When ur n***a that piss in ya face finna respond tho?" Ak wrote. "U been diddy side bitch til now ... u ain't claiming no more. Where ya sign at?"

In another post where blogger Armon Wiggins jumped in, Ak blasted Yung Miami for sharing a "wack bar." "The blogs and ppl who use to jack her was roasting her," he wrote. "She don't want no smoke wit me. Her rap career is done. We just wanna her bout her getting peed on by Diddy. Has she been in dem freak offs or na???"

Yung Miami tried to redirect the argument on Ak being a "fucking creep," with a screenshot of his post about Bhad Bhabie when she was a teen, but he maintained that Diddy allegedly had her "getting pissed on." He's referring to "Pee Diddy," which went viral last year after Caresha revealed her enjoyment of golden showers on her podcast. Since then she's denied that Diddy ever peed on her, and told The Breakfast Club that the whole thing was taken too far.

“Did Diddy ever pee on me? No, never,” she said back in October, setting the record straight. “I personally—for real, for real, for real—never got peed on. My mama cussed me the fuck out about that. I was like, ‘Damn, I gotta stop saying shit like that, for real, for real, for real. She was just like, ‘Caresha, for real, you be taking stuff too far.’ Sometimes I do be takin’ it far."

Yung Miami saved some energy for Wiggins, who claimed that she was kicked out of her seat while attending Beyoncé's Renaissance World Tour.

I never have to LIE ABOUT WHERE IM AT.. do you see @YungMiami305?? Do you see YO GOTTI.. Oo ok.. she was GONE

— Armon Wiggins (@ArmonWiggins) January 17, 2024
Twitter: @ArmonWiggins

You Failed at everything in life 😭😭🤣

— Armon Wiggins (@ArmonWiggins) January 17, 2024
Twitter: @ArmonWiggins

But Yung Miami's exchange with Ak went even further, lasting well into the morning as he still tried to pry the "Act Up" artist into talking about Diddy, while she referred to Ak's previous beef with Saucy Santana.

Akademiks is known for verbally attacking hip-hop artists, so he and Yung Miami will likely hash it out again. She targeted Ak and other male media personalities during an interview with Complex last April.

“I really think they should keep that energy for men,” she said. “And I really think that they should stop speaking on women because why the fuck you care? Whatever I have going on in my dating life, why is it important for you to speak on a female on your pod or whatever it is? You got so much shit to talk about.”

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