DJ Akademiks And Saucy Santana's Beef Got So Messy Even Queen Latifah Got Involved

Latifah shared a post on Instagram Stories after Akademiks suggested he didn't want to get "canceled" for responding to Saucy Santana's threats to fight him.

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Queen Latifah seemingly endorsed a message criticizing DJ Akademiks' response to Saucy Santana's recent threats.

On her Instagram Stories, Latifah shared a post from Bronx rapper/activist Mysonne addressing the feud following Akademiks' admission that he's scared of responding to Saucy Santana, who is proudly open about his sexuality.

"It's crazy to me how DJ Akademiks is crying scared to say anything to Saucy Santana because he's a gay man and he's scared of getting 'canceled,' but has said some of the most outlandish, vile, disrespectful and demeaning things to Black women with absolutely no fear whatsoever," the post read. "Brings me back to Malcolm X's quote... 'The most disrespected, unprotected and neglected person [in] America is the Black woman!'"

Mysonne added more of his thoughts on Instagram this morning posting an image that read, "For the record Saucy Santana is waaay more man than Akademiks" along with a lengthy caption.

The fed between Santana and Akademiks boiled over recently after the rapper told the podcaster to "pull up" to Yung Miami's Halloween party after Akademiks alleged that the City Girls rapper called him a homophobic slur. Akademiks also name-dropped Saucy Santana because the rapper is very close friends with Miami.

“Akademiks, you keep talking about what the fuck Caresha said to you, but how she feel about you, is how she feel about you,” he said in a video.

In response, Akademiks went on a homophobic rant against Santana.

"No batty man like motherfucking Saucy Santana can talk to me," said Akademiks. In Jamaican Patois, "batty man" is a slur used to refer to gay men, Akademiks hails from Jamaica. “We spit in your face, n***a. Me and you couldn’t even have a conversation. A cocksucker, n***a. We don’t talk to n***as like you. Boy, you need to get right with God, n***a. Get right with yourself. Look in the mirror and figure out what the fuck going on with yourself.”

He then told Santana to pull up to his "headquarters" in Jersey City, which he publicly shared the address of near the end of his rant.

In a video that has since gone viral, Saucy Santana responded by saying they should take their beef to the streets.

"Pull up to your headquarters? Headquarters?! N***as is in the streets,” he said. “I’m starting to think maybe this is your aesthetic. You do the fake internet shit, and you sit in a room full of motherfucking cameras and then try to make a bitch crash out. ... I don’t want to pull up to no motherfucking headquarters, bitch, corporate ass n***a. I want to see you outside. Let’s get active."

Santana concluded saying, "After I beat you, I'ma fuck you in the ass."

Akademiks said he was afraid of responding to Santana's threats because he would be labeled as homophobic and "canceled" and talked about his Jamacian heritage on his live stream.

"I have a lot of thoughts about you that i can't say because they would definitely cancel me," said Akademiks. "N***a whatever you think about Jamaicans, go look at any country in the world, Jamaica was always the most homophobic n***a. I was that n***a. I was that. I had to really mentally train myself. So when I finally got past all that and I see a gay n***a trying to get at me, I see all these bitches trying to act like this is cool. My n***a you dont know what a n***a like me been through."

He claimed he exercised tolerance but he cared more about traditional values and his family wouldn't respect him if he let a gay person intimidate him. He reiterated his fear of getting "canceled" but said Santana's comments do "bother" him. "There’s certain shit I really don’t fuck with in my life that I will never do," he added, getting increasingly emotional.

Throughout 2023, Akademiks has made headlines for getting into feuds with various people in hip-hop. Most recently, he got into a heated exchange with GloRilla.

While Akademiks certainly has had many fueds, one person did come to his defense. DJ Vlad, who Akademiks shares a friendly relationship with as they two often appear on each other's platforms, went on X (Twitter) to point out that Ak has fueded with many male rappers over the years, including Lil Baby and Freddie Gibbs.

It's really annoying how @Akademiks is being painted as misogynistic whenever he criticizes a female rapper. Everyone likes to ignore that 95% of the time, he goes hard at male rappers like Lil Baby, Freddie Gibbs, Jay Critch, etc. But if he ever mentions a female, it's always…

— DJ Vlad 🇺🇦 (@djvlad) November 3, 2023
Twitter: @djvlad

Ultimatley, Ak seemed unfazed by all of this. "Them hating ass hoes and weird N***s think they finally got a W on me," he wrote on Twitter. "Let them enjoy it."

They gon do wat they gon do rage . Them hating ass hoes and weird Niggas think they finally got a W on me 😭😭. Let them enjoy it. I’m back on everybody head top tonight . Life goes on

— DJ Akademiks (@Akademiks) November 2, 2023
Twitter: @Akademiks

In August, Akademiks went on a rant against Erykah Badu years after she jokingly compared him to Jerry the mouse from Tom & Jerry.

"Bitch came in here waving all type of wands and shit, I'm trying to be nice to you, now I realize oh you was trying to play me like I'm some clown," he said of the viral moment from an episode of Everyday Struggle. "Bitch, fuck you, n***a. How many rappers ran through you, n***a? ... How many young rappers you chase, trying to fuck them too?" He later referred to her as a "c*m rag for these n***as."

Akademiks has also been going back and forth with Yung Miami for quite some time, continually criticizing her career and calling her a "one-trick pony."

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