Shania Twain Says She Doesn't 'Hate' Ex Husband for Cheating With Former Best Friend: 'It's His Mistake'

The country icon divorced her first husband, Robert John "Mutt" Lange, in 2008 after discovering his affair with her former friend, Marie-Anne.

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Shania Twain isn't bitter after her first husband, music producer Robert John "Mutt" Lange, cheated on her with a former family friend, whom he later married.

The country music legend was a guest on the latest episode of the podcast Great Company with Jamie Laing, where the two discussed forgiveness. In learning to forgive Lange, who Twain was married to from 1993 to 2010, the singer also moved on to her current husband, Frédéric Thiébaud. In a strange twist, Lange had an affair with Thiébaud's then-wife, Marie-Anne Thiébaud, who was also Twain's best friend, personal assistant, secretary, and estate manager.

"There is your ex-husband, from what I understand, had an affair with one of your great friends, and you had to forgive and move on. And that's a hard thing to do," Laing said around the 33-minute mark of the episode. "And I know people listening right now are probably finding it hard to forgive. So what advice would you give to them?"

After acknowledging that "forgiveness is in the family of letting go," Twain added that forgiveness is “not about forgetting, necessarily."

"It's about understanding the other person. And that might mean that they're wrong. Maybe you believe forever that whatever they did was wrong," she continued.

After pointing to her father as an example as someone whom she's "totally" forgiven because he "wasn't well," Twain admitted that she doesn't "hate" Lange for his decision.

"So it's very hard to hate or not be able to forgive somebody that you believe is a human being that deserves empathy and understanding," she said.

Twain continued, "So do I hate my ex-husband for making a mistake? No, it's his mistake...Not my mistake."

Twain, who separated from Lange in 2008, shortly after discovering the affair, spoke on former talk show Ellen in 2011 about the experience, and marrying Thiébaud.

"We had many months of just trying to make sense of everything, holding each other up," she said around the 8:30-minute mark of the video below. "It was a very difficult time emotionally for both of us. I would say he was probably stronger through it than I was. He was a tremendous support. We were a support to each other and really found something very beautiful in the end and unexpected."

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