Kel Mitchell Says Ex-Wife Got Pregnant by Multiple Men While They Were Married: 'Goofy, Still Stayed'

The 'Good Burger 2' actor's ex-wife, Tyiesha Hampton, disputed the claims, accusing him of abuse, being an absentee father, and cheating.

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Actor and comedian Kel Mitchell shocked Club Shay Shay fans when, on the latest episode, he accused his ex-wife, Tyiesha Hampton, of having children out of wedlock when the two were still married.

Mitchell, who's been wed to his current wife, Asia Lee, since 2012, was married to Hampton from 1999 to 2005, and shared around the 1-hour mark of the video below that the marriage came about when she got pregnant with their first child, Lyric, in 1999. Before the birth of their son, Mitchell claims that Hampton had an abortion, but the child was with another man.

"So within that process, you are immediately married within a lie," Mitchell recounted. "It started at the beginning."

Adding that he "didn't have time to process" that the aborted child wasn't his, Mitchell also shared that Hampton "almost died within the pregnancy." However, Mitchell was pressured by Nickelodeon writers to return to the set, not giving him enough time to support his then-wife. But when Hampton became pregnant again, she allegedly revealed to Mitchell that the child wasn't his.

“Like a goofy, still stayed around. We were trying to make it work for the kids.” - @iamkelmitchell

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Mitchell continued to share that while his first marriage was "toxic" and "went from bad to worse with the things that were being revealed." When pressed by host Shannon Sharpe if Mitchell "stuck around" when Hampton was pregnant by another man again, the Good Burger 2 star admitted to it and shared that he was privy to his wife cheating.

But Hampton, who also shares a daughter, Lyric, with Mitchell, denied her ex-husband's allegations on TikTok, also slamming the All That alum for allegedly being an absentee father. Additionally, she alleged Mitchell physically and mentally abused her and that she'd caught him cheating.

The situation blew up one evening when Hampton didn't return home–as the couple's marriage began to turn sexless–but Mitchell found her car at a hotel where she allegedly was with another man, a family friend. "I go to the lobby, turns out, dude just come walking down the lobby about to go to the car. My car that she was driving. I’m like, ‘Oh, OK, what’s up? Take me upstairs," Mitchell said.

A "surprised" Hampton tried "explaining" herself to Mitchell, but the situation got so chaotic that a police officer was called to the scene and gave Mitchell the heads-up to "get out of this situation." "Like a goofy, [I] still stayed around," Mitchell admitted. "We was trying to make it work for the kids."

But Hampton allegedly got pregnant by another man, a shock to both her and Mitchell, as she was in the hospital for what Mitchell thought was a blood test for Hampton's sickle cell.

"The doctor comes in and says, 'Yeah, so you lost the baby,' and I was just like, 'Hey, yo, what?' And I'm like, 'Oh, I know that's not mine,'" Mitchell said.

By 2004, Mitchell had reached his breaking point, and while filming in Canada, he received a call from a man that Hampton "wanted to be with." Mitchell says he replied, "'Okay, yeah, y'all need to be together,'" but was also "dealing with the embarrassment" of his marriage's breakdown. Wanting to hit a "reset button," Mitchell also shared that he had suicidal feelings.

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