Logic Discusses Hate in Hip-Hop, Praises Drake for Embracing It

During one of his most recent live streams, Logic said that he believes Drake gets more hate than any other artist, and praised him for embracing it.

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Logic retired from rap following the release of his last album No Pressure back in July of last year. Since then, he's been spending at least some of his time connecting with his fans on Twitch, where he's been known to get a little candid.

During one of his most recent live streams, Logic said that he believes Drake gets more hate than any other artist.

"Would y'all argue that Drake is the most shit on artist in the world? I would," Logic said at the start of the video above. "I would say Drake is, without a doubt. It's not even a contest, people shit on Drake." Logic then praised Drake for leaning into the hate, and used the tongue-in-cheek title of his upcoming albumCertified Lover Boy as an example.

"Now, the thing I love about Drake is he embraces it," Logic explained.

He went on to address comments from people saying J. Cole and Kendrick also get a lot of hate despite being some of the best rappers in the game.

"People hate on Kendrick Lamar, how the fuck can you hate on Kendrick, but these people do it and it's just so funny," he said. "It's like, you cannot be that great without being hated on."

He then circled back to himself, talking about how he received a lot of hate early in his career when he dropped Under Pressure. Logic said that people used to call it "garbage," but now it's considered a "classic album." Logic said that Mac Miller got similar treatment.

"I love Mac, and then Mac passed away and Mac was suddenly hip-hop's golden child," he explained. "Everybody in rap and hip-hop fucked with Mac, but all these bloggers and these motherf*ckers on Twitter were like, 'Oh, this white boy,' everything was about race and putting him down."

Logic lamented the fact that Miller's only grew in esteem after his death. "And then he passed away and all of a sudden—why couldn't you all say this shit when he was alive?" he said.

Logic has never been shy about talking about other rappers, especially in terms of what they mean to him. In July of last year, during a livestream tied to No Pressure, an emotional Logic thanked Kendrick, Cole, and Drake for inspiring him 

Logic’s Grammy speech... pic.twitter.com/iIyqSqqhwQ

— Lines of Logic™ (@LinesofLogic) July 24, 2020

"I wanna thank Kendrick because he doesn't know how much he was there for me, and Cole, and Drake," he said at the time. 

Watch Logic get real about toxicity in the rap game above.

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