G Herbo Addresses Fraud Charges on New Song "Statement"

G Herbo talks about the recent charges against him and his entourage of using fraudulent credit cards on his latest song "Statement."

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G Herbo addresses the recent charges of fraud involving him and several members of his entourage conducting a multi-year, million-dollar scheme on his latest track "Statement."

Flipping the beat of the iconic Diplomats track "I Really Mean It" with a trap twist, Herbo discusses the allegations of him and others using stolen IDs and credit card information to make expensive purchases like flights on private jets, a vacation to Jamaica, and other pricey things.

He raps: "Let's talk about them jets, yeah, let's talk about Jamaica (Come on)/Can ask about me, I ain't never been a fraud, I went hard from the start (The start)/In my city I'm a god, motherfucker/If you know you know/Never been no phony though."

Herbo goes on to rap that he was never worried about the case, knowing that he is an innocent man. 

"Bond money, know I'm straight/I spent a 130K out the gate (Yeah)/They like, 'Swervo stay safe,' I'm like, 'Man, y'all late' (Y'all late)/Y'all like, 'Free me,' I'm like, 'I've been in the crib all day.'"

Herbo also dropped a music video for the song which you can watch up top.

Back at the beginning of December, federal prosecutors thought that Herbo's purchases under fraud cards were a sign that he would be attempting to flee soon, something that Antonio "T-Glo" Strong and family members of his defended him on.

Herbo's management team also shared a statement to Complex which read, "G Herbo has been charged with several offenses in Massachusetts, however, he maintains his innocence and looks forward to establishing his innocence in court. Herbo has legal representation in Massachusetts via Prince Lobel, whose team has reached out to the US Attorney’s office in Massachusetts to make arrangements for Herbo's appearance. G Herbo will appear in Massachusetts whenever he is required either in person or via Zoom."

While all this was going on, Herbo and his fiancée Taina Williams are reportedly expecting their first child, according to his attorney. There has yet to be another court date hearing set, with Herbo turning himself into authorities on Nov. 24 and being released on bond shortly after.

Listen to G Herbo's new song "Statement" below. 

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