21 Savage Talks Visiting Jay-Z and Beyoncé at Their House After He Was Released From ICE Custody

21 Savage joined 'Big Facts' and talked about the sage advice Jay-Z gave him when he went to his house after being released from ICE custody.

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21 Savage joined Big Bank and DJ Scream on Big Facts on Wednesday, and talked about visiting Jay-Z and Beyoncé's house following his release from ICE custody last year.

"When I got out, I pulled up on Jay-Z at his house and shit," he said at the 23:45-mark. "Him and Beyoncé was in there. And we was kicking it. He a regular n***a. I just was thanking him. When I first got out I texted him like, I'ma pay you back. He was like, 'I don't want your money, pay me back by being great.' So I pulled up on him, chopped it up thanked him and shit, cause he ain't have to do that."

Jay-Z famously hired an attorney to help 21 Savage get released when he was detained early last year.

“The arrest and detention of 21 Savage is an absolute travesty, his U visa petition has been pending for 4 years,” Jay wrote in a statement at the time. “In addition to being a successful recording artist, 21 deserves to be reunited with his children immediately, #Free21Savage.”

21 recalled all the love he experienced following his release, and admitted that some people abandoned him in his time of need. "When I got out I really started to see all the love, like damn, that's crazy," he explained. "And I noticed all the fake love too, all the n*ggas who didn't show love. So if you wondering why I've been stiff on you since I got out, it's cause you a bitch, and you did not say 'free me!'" 

21 also explained that despite the fact he is no longer in ICE custody following his detainment last year, that he and his legal team are still dealing with the aftermath.

"No, [the immigration case isn't over] but the lawyers are dealing with it," he said when asked about his arrest. "I don't think they're gonna [deport me] but if they do, shit, my money coming with me, for sure. I'll be alright, for sure. The money go wherever you go. They got rich people over there [in the UK]. I'ma be one of them."

Around the 17-minute mark, 21 talked about what it was like growing up as an immigrant in Atlanta as well.

"I done overcame every obstacle that came my way. N*ggas don't really know how that shit be like. Growing up, a n*gga is in the hood and a n*gga an immigrant. So, no matter what, you can't go to college," he said. "You can't get no license, you can't get no job. My mom used to be paranoid driving. My mama used to be scared to drive. Scared. But she had to drive. No license. My mama ain't never had a license until I was probably 24 or 25 when I got some money and got her shit straight. Our struggle was different. It wasn't no other option. I couldn't go get a job. I couldn't go to college. I couldn't get a license. I just got my license when I was like 25 or 26."

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