Usher’s Halftime Show Predictions: From Serenading Taylor Swift to Roller Skating

Usher's bound to have a winning night.

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The 2024 Grammys have passed, and now all eyes are on sports' biggest event: Super Bowl LVIII. Set to take place on Feb. 11, the San Francisco 49ers will face off against the Kansas City Chiefs. Amidst the buzz surrounding the game, there is a lot of anticipation surrounding Usher's Super Bowl halftime show. Usher will be the first independent artist to grace the halftime stage.

Reflecting on this momentous opportunity, Usher said during a press conference on Feb. 8, “This is a new beginning for me.” He emphasized, "I don't have this moment myself," acknowledging the collective effort of fans, collaborators, and creatives in making this celebration possible.

So, what can we expect from Usher's upcoming performance? Which song will he choose to kick off the show with? Might he interact with any specific audience members? And who will make surprise appearances?

Well, we have plenty of thoughts, and now our bets are in. Here are our predictions for Usher’s highly-anticipated Super Bowl halftime show.

He’ll serenade someone’s girlfriend (or Taylor Swift?)

No one’s partner is safe when Usher is around. The singing legend was going viral regularly for serenading different women during his recent Las Vegas residency. In the Vegas spirit, we imagine he might serenade someone during the Super Bowl halftime show, and there is no telling who it might be. Will he pick a lucky woman from the massive stadium? Will he start the show in the crowd by serenading someone? Will Taylor Swift enter the mix? Only time will tell. —Jordan Rose 

Apple will get him to wear the Apple Vision Pro

I’ll be the first to admit that this is a bit of a silly one, but it feels like a perfect storm for an insanely viral moment. The internet has been ablaze talking about the Apple Vision Pro ever since its launch earlier this month, and the memes have been relentless. The Super Bowl Halftime Show is the one big tentpole for internet culture every year. If you have the chance to crossover the two biggest internet moments of the year… why not? Imagine the inferno on social media the moment Usher comes out on stage donning those futuristic goggles (bonus points if he comes out in the Cybertruck). It is the Apple HalfTime Show after all. —Stefan Breskin

He’ll bring out:

He’ll take his shirt off in the first five songs (and there will be Skims)

In the past, Super Bowl halftime shows have typically lasted less than 15 minutes, and it's expected that Usher's performance will follow suit. So, it's likely that he’ll get to the spicy part of his performance rather quickly. In fact, we anticipate that within the first six minutes or by the fifth song, Usher will ditch his shirt, baring his toned six-pack. And if there are any close-up shots, he will likely flaunt his rock-hard abs along with a glimpse of his Skims boxers, as part of his recent partnership with Kim Kardashian's brand for its latest campaign. Let’s just say Usher's performance is bound to leave the moms of America club feeling both hot and bothered. —Jessica McKinney

Roller skating will be incorporated into the show

One of Usher’s biggest personality traits is how much he loves roller-skating, so much so that he has incorporated it into most of his live performances, including his recent Las Vegas residency. It would make sense for him to bring the rink to the Super Bowl as well, especially since it would allow him to showcase his skills on the country's biggest stage. What is to be determined is whether he’ll open the show on skates or incorporate them into the show later. It would also be dope if he made whoever he brought out roller-skate as well because I would pay good money to see Lil Jon and Ludacris perform “Yeah!” while on skates. —Jordan Rose

He’ll open with “OMG”

The 2010 hit, “OMG,” is definitely an Usher classic. Debuting at No. 14 on the Billboard Hot 100,  track is the singer’s third-highest debuting singles of his career, behind 1997’s “Nice & Slow” and 1998’s “My Way.” The track went on to peak at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 that year. “OMG” is also one of Usher’s biggest crossover, global hits, thanks to’s appearance the electro-pop dance beat. So, it seems most probable that he will begin his Super Bowl halftime set with this record. After opening with a certified hit, though, Usher will likely switch it up, and play a new song from his newest studio album, Coming Home, which dropped today. From there, we will see Usher go back to the classics, playing hits from his iconic albums, including 8701, My Way, and Confessions. —Jessica McKinney

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