Snoop Dogg Meant No Offense With Lakers 'Slave Ship' Rant

The rapper went on an profanity-filled rant calling for the Lakers to fire Luke Walton.

Snoop Dogg at the 2010 NBA Finals

Image via Getty/Jesse D. Garrabrant

Snoop Dogg at the 2010 NBA Finals

As is likely the case with most Lakers fans at the moment, the team's current extended run of incompetence got the best of Snoop Dogg. Subsequently he filmed himself in a spur-of-the-moment rant after the team lost to the Suns (a.k.a. the worst team in the West) and then uploaded his take. Because he's a celebrity, people took notice:

Snoop's reaction called for coach Luke Walton to be fired, and also for the team to upgrade LeBron's supporting cast, demanding that the roster be moved via a "slave ship." That comment was later clarified when sources close to Snoop​​​ spoke with TMZ.

"Ship all them n***as out. Get a slave ship, and ship all them sorry motherf*ckers the f*ck outta here!" Snoop said of the non-LeBron Lakers, at the time. "These sorry mother f*ckers ain't going to do sh*t. These goofballs ain't going to do sh*t. They sorry."

While those comments are unlikely to make you gasp and faint, especially when you consider that the source is a rapper and not a clergyman (I mean, the comments didn't even stand out to us at the time), "sources close to Snoop" told TMZ that they were not intended to be disrespectful to the black community. In their words they wrote:

Despite much of the public reaction to Snoop's rant -- our sources were clear ... the rapper doesn't have a single racist bone in his body, especially against his own race.

Man, who says society's being dumbed down?

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