YNW Melly's Mom Claims She Was Threatened by Rapper's Alleged Murder Victim

The mother of YNW Melly claims that one of her son's alleged victims threatened her with a gun.

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In a newly surfaced video, the mother of Florida rapper YNW Melly, Jamie Demons-King, claims that one of her son's alleged victims threatened her with a gun. 

In a clip posted to YouTube, Demons-King tells a story of how one of Melly's former associates YNW Sakchaser sent threatening messages to her as well as an unnamed party. Appearing to be in the mid-sentence when the video starts, Demons-King begins by saying "...showed me text messages from Sakchaser threatening all her friends and all these people, like he's about this life." Demons-King then goes on to discredit Sakchaser's reputation in defense of herself and loved ones. 

"I'm saying, like, who the fuck you ever rob? Who the fuck you ever shot at? What the fuck you ever did?" the rapper's mother continued before asserting herself. 

"And don't ever come for me, because my credentials is real. It ain't even a joke. So, don't ever try to come for me, 'cause I don't even play them type of games. What the fuck you got that I ain't got? Oh, you threatening me with your little gun," Demons-King stated. "Bitch, I got big guns. At the end of the day, Melly is my child. And he's gonna be great because he's talented. He's talented because [of] his mom."

As of now, it is not known when this video was recorded or what prompted Demons-King to do so. However, Miramar, Florida police have fingered YNW Melly as a suspected in the murder of his former friends, 21-year-old YNW Sakchaser and 19-year-old YNW Juvy. It is alleged that Melly, along with his accomplice and member of the collective, YNW Bortlen, killed their friends and staged the crime to look like a drive-by shooting. Despite forensic evidence, authorities have been on a quest to find a motive which they might find in Demons-King's video.

The mystery surrounding YNW Melly is far from over. On March 12, YNW Bortlen joined Melly in entering a not guilty plea. The co-defendants are now being held in a Broward County jail without bail until their case begins in April. 

A label rep for YNW Melly declined to comment on the allegations against Melly and the nature of this video. 

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