Watch Ray J React to Getting Mentioned on Tracks From Kanye West, Eminem, and More

Although he was shown lyrics from Eminem, City Girls’ JT, and others mentioning him, it was Ray J's reaction to Kanye's name drop that was the main event.

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Ray J is a legend for several reasons. Rather than getting into why he’s the GOAT (we’ll have Vince Staples explain it better), let’s get to this clip of Ray J sifting through some of the times he’s been named dropped in rap records.

During an episode of Genius’s “Between The Lines,” Ray J gives his opinions on bars that mention his name. Although he was shown lyrics from Eminem, City Girls’ JT, Rick Ross, and others, it was his reaction to Kanye West’s name drop that was the main event. 

“That’s what it say?” Ray J asked in astonishment when reacting to Kanye’s bars in “Highlights” at the video’s 5:45 minute mark. “No, it don’t. That was cool. That was like he was having a conversation. I didn’t know it said all of that.”

On The Life of Pablo’s “Highlights,” ‘Ye refers to Kim Kardashian’s relationship with Ray J and the subsequent sex tape that many have argued sparked the Kardashian-Jenner empire. 

“I bet me and Ray J would be friends, If we ain’t love the same bitch,” Kanye raps on the track before alluding to Ray J’s record about Kim called “I Hit It First.” “Yeah, he might have hit it first/Only problem is I’m rich (I’m rich, I’m rich, I’m rich).”

Despite it all, Ray J made it clear that he respects ‘Ye’s artistry. 

Watch The Throne is one of the greatest albums of all time,” Ray J told Genius. “Maybe we might need to be friends now? Everybody needs to put all that shit behind us. It’s 2021. It’s all love over here. Let’s bring all the love together. … God bless.”

Watch Ray J’s full appearance on Genius’s “Between The Lines” above.

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