Ray J shamelessly put out his new song featuring Bobby Brackins, "I Hit it First," two days ago, and it's obvious that he's talking about Kim Kardashian. The single cover resembles a popular paparazzi photo of Kim K at the beach in a bikini, and it immediately went viral. 

While some are still asking, "Why did Ray J release this song, showing that he's probably just hung up on Kim and super bitter about how rich and awesome she is post-hitting it?", we're asking, "Why did he use that image?" After all, Kim K's one of the most-photographed celebrities, and not just because she takes a lot of selfies or dates Kanye now.

In our opinion, Kim won this one. By showing you how many other hot photos of her Ray J could have used for his album art, we're showing you that even if he hit it first, she's the one still killin' it. 

15 Photos Ray J Should Have Used for the "I Hit it First" Cover

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