The Game Reflects on Being Shot 18 Years Ago: 'My Childhood Was Rough'

It's been 18 years since Game was shot five times.

Rapper The Game visits the SiriusXM Studios

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Rapper The Game visits the SiriusXM Studios

The Game is one of hip-hop most tenured rappers, but he went through a lifetime of experiences before he even picked up a pen. Those who have followed Game's journey know that there was a pivotal moment in his life before rap that drove him into becoming an artist.

Today marks 18 years since Game was shot five times and sent into a coma in 2001. In his latest Instagram post, he reflects on this moment.

"OCTOBER 1ST 2001 ‼️ 18 years since I was in a coma after getting shot 5 times in the dope spot... I look at this video of the younger me & I can’t do anything but thank God for the opportunity to have a second chance," Game captioned a clip of his younger self. "I’m tellin y’all, I was a real fuck up...  I never expected nor cared to live past 25 years old. I literally didn’t give a fuck !!!!... sometimes I do not know how I made it out of all I’ve been through... but, I did... & I guess that’s the only important part of my story at this point in life. I’m here....."

In the video that accompanies the caption, The Game shows off his five bullet wounds. He also holds a short conversation with a reporter. In the video, he talks about how the shooting changed his perspective on life and gives context to his track "Dreams." 

"It was like waking up from anything," he said when describing coming out of his coma. "I don't know what dying's like but I know you just go to sleep and you never wake up. And if it's anything how that little short-lived coma was, then it's not really nothing no one can deal with. And really your ass can't do shit about it."

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