With the music industry still reeling from the loss of Nipsey Hussle, only a few have been more vocal about their grief than The Game. On Wednesday, the Compton-native continued to lament over the loss of his friend with an emotional Instagram post dedicated to Nipsey.

Under the picture of a smiling Hussle taken by legendary hip-hop photographer Jonathan Mannion, The Game gives fans a more introspective look into the sadness he's feeling, while also attempting to uplift those still hurt by Hussle's passing.

"I still have mixed emotions about how or why & there are so many unanswered questions surrounding your passing that I have yet to bring myself to understand the reality of you not being here," The Game confessed. "I look at my daughter & I think about yours... I look at my sons & I think about yours... I text your sister daily to make sure she’s straight. I talk to [J Stone] & [Adam] everyday too just so all the pieces you put in place are still locked in."

The rapper then injects some optimism, when reflecting on the legacy that Hussle left behind. Since Hussle's first taste of mainstream success, he was vocal about his affiliation with the Rolling 60s Crips as well as his desire to unify the streets of Los Angeles. Through his brand and actions, Hussle was able to bridge the gap between certain neighborhoods. In the wake of his passing, the majority of L.A'.s street gangs have unified in honor of the late rapper, which The Game acknowledged in his post. 

"I look around the world & I see the love. People standing unified from all over. Some expressing their love with art, others with words & I can’t do anything else but smile at it all. Which is why I chose this picture of you to post this morning," The Game explained. "Let the energy from this photo fuel the rest of your day & live it knowing that we have an angel to help us make it through til tomorrow. God will rise..." 

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