Mustard Trolls Drake After Claiming He Skipped Out on 'Perfect 10'

"I called a lot of times," Mustard joked.

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Mustard and Drake have connected in the past for hit collaborations, but it seems like the OVO honcho was too busy to hop on the producer's latest album Perfect 10

Perfect 10 is littered with starry features. During an interview with Angie Martinez, Mustard explained how he had to corral some of these superstars so that he could get them on a track. According to the producer, most of the records came together seamlessly. Yet for some reason, Drizzy kept spinning Mustard. 

"I tried to get Drake, but...," Mustard said while shaking his head at the interview's 12-minute mark. This led Martinez to ask if the rapper ignored his requests. "Nah, he didn't ignore me...he didn't take the call. I called a lot of times," Mustard joked. "I seen him a couple of times and he was like 'Send me something.'"

Mustard then went into a hilarious story about the entirety of OVO forgetting to give Drake the beat, which is almost as entertaining as the track Drake would have been on. According to Mustard, Drizzy was supposed to add a verse to "100 Bands." At that time, the song featured Quavo, YG, Meek Mill, and 21 Savage. But for an undisclosed reason, Savage's verse didn't make the album. 


After telling this story, Mustard took to Instagram to continue trolling Drake. The picture features Drake's face on the back of a milk carton asking "Have you seen me?" It goes on to say the rapper was last seen yelling courtside at Raptor games. Mustard also revealed that he's already working on a new album with this homegrown meme. 

"If you have any information regarding this individual please contact Mustard who's already working on his next album," it reads at the bottom of the carton. 

In addition to working on a new album, Mustard put together the Summers Fest which will take place on Aug. 12.

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