Chance the Rapper Says He Feels 'Some People Want Me to Feel Ashamed'

Chance the Rapper tells his followers that he's not embarrassed by his life or his choices.

Chance the Rapper

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Chance the Rapper

A lot has changed since the world got their first taste of Chance the Rapper. No longer is he a wayward teenager who got kicked out of school and made a defiant mixtape in response. Now he's a loving father and husband making music that often reflects this. Yet some of his fans are not impressed with the new direction. As a result, it seems Chance is firing back at his critics in a Twitter thread. 

Although Coloring Book made history by becoming the first mixtape to win a Grammy, there were rumblings that this "new" Chance was not as good as the one that made Acid Rap and 10 Day. Those murmurs turned into full-blown screams once The Big Day dropped. For his debut album, Chano decided to focus on his wedding to Kirsten Corley as the central theme. While some people can respect the rapper talking about his current station in life, others were not drawn by his content. That led to memes criticizing Chance for overtly loving his wife as well as pushing for the rapper to return to hard drugs so the world could get another album like Acid Rap.

Even if it's a joke, the latter is a particularly dangerous statement and could be the reason for Chance's comments about people wanting him to kill himself. Chance has alluded to his struggle with addiction on various songs. It appears he's overcome this battle, which essentially saved his life. The challenge to beat your old classics is an obstacle every artist faces, but Chance should be admired for doing what's necessary to truly be happy. 

Chano's tweets also follow the news that The Big Day debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard charts. Chance lost a closely contested race with NF's The Search album. Despite this defeat, The Big Day is still Chance's highest-charting project, beating out both Coloring Book (peaked at No. 8) and Acid Rap (No. 5).

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