Bow Wow Blasts Lil Duval For Claiming He Used 50 Cent's Money at Strip Club

Bow Wow took to Instagram to dispel Duval's rumors.

Bow Wow attends Ladies Love R&B at Gold Room

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Bow Wow attends Ladies Love R&B at Gold Room

If someone Bow Wow's height calls you little, it's an undisputed fact that you're a small human being. That's exactly what happened when the rapper fired off on Lil Duval for clocking his pockets. 

On Tuesday, Bow Wow took to Instagram to dispel Duval's rumors that he was borrowing 50 Cent's money to shower some strippers.

"No, no, no, my friend. See it's called a walk through. I just got back from Chicago the yesterday—well two days ago—I came back with my own bag," the rapper said in a video. "N***a don't count my pockets. Stop watching me. Matter of fact, I'mma charge your ass for helping your big headed little body ass up on that bar last night. I'm charging you. I ain't security. You see nobody picked your little ass up. I picked your little ass up and put you on the bar next to us. That's about a thousand dollars right there." He then shared a video from their joint appearance at the club which showed all the money he left the dancers.

At the root of almost all modern money disputes is 50 "Fofty" Cent. This weekend, a host of entertainers were in Atlanta attending the Tycoon Weekend Pool Party. After the event, multiple artists including Lil Duval, Bow Wow, Fabolous, and more, accompanied 50 Cent to a local strip club. But Lil Duval proved that his mother didn't raise a fool as he claimed he evaded 50 Cent's collection services by being the only entertainer to throw his own money. Also, he went on to say that Fofty would be coming for Bow Wow first since he spent most of 50's cash.

"For the record last night i was the only person that didn’t take no money from 50. I spent my OWN money," Duval captioned his Instagram post. "He got the rest of them dumb n****z bow wow owe the most tho he was throwing 50 money like it was his." He followed this post with another picture showing Bow Wow and Trey Songz tossing wads of money to the dancers.

"Y’all see all the money in bow wow pants?" Duval asks. "THATS 50 shit. trey and fab owe 50 too."

Currently, the only people 50 has billed were the employees, stating "I just wanted to notify the dancers that that was not a gift. I'mma need my motherf**kin money back Monday. That was too much money to just be throwing for no reason." Still, Lil Duval is staying ahead of the game by letting it be known he was holding his own. 


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