On Thursday, NFL DUME became known as the aspiring rapper who tried to fight 50 Cent because the latter didn't want to look at his Instagram page. Always the business man, Fofty created t-shirts inspired by the confrontation.

DUME has since spoken out publicly regarding the situation, saying he intended on simply getting advice from an industry veteran, but was not appreciative of the "gangsta" energy that was reciprocated. The Irvington, New Jersey rapper took to his IG page to directly address Mr. Jackson.

"Yo 50, let me tell you something, man. I don't give a fuck how big you think you are...size don't mean shit," he began. "Yeah I grew up listening to your music, I salute you. But, when I approached you, I was like 'yo I want you to look at my Instagram.' That was it, but you was getting gangsta. That shit don't fly over here."

The post's caption included another diss: "u not a 24/7gangster grandpa."

In a separate post, he continued to justify his actions, saying, "Hater [sic] gone hate was only seeking approval from an idol of mine a legend just for guidance in the game."

In other 50-related news, it appears Teairra Mari may soon pay the rapper the $35,000 she owed after their legal feud. In an IG post, she said, "Better late than never 🤷🏽‍♀️... somebody tell Fofty hit me up, I got it! Or do you want to wait until Monday?