After a rocky start to the year, Bow Wow returns to music with the sixth installment of his Greenlight mixtape series. While it's good to see the young legend back in his natural habitat, it appears Bow is not over the drama that shaped the beginning of his 2019, as he seems to have used a track from the tape to send shots at his ex-girlfriend Kiyomi Leslie.

For the sixth song on Greenlight 6, Bow Wow hovers over Lauryn Hill's "Lost Ones" instrumental. Like the original version, Bow Wow's "F*ck You Bitch" is the depiction of a scorned ex, but from a man's perspective. While the beginning is Bow playing with the theme established by Hill, things appear to get a little personal around the last verse.

"Shit I got my heart broke, I can't flex/And when it comes to feelings, I can't catch," Bow Wow raps. "My last situation, it turned me to a beast/Because now I fuck 9 to 10 bitches every week." He goes on to say "She like 'Boy you lost one, boy you lost one'/'All the hoes you be fuckin' hope you don't catch none'/I told her 'I don't want to hear that from your ass, we been done.'"

Although he doesn't mention her by name, these bars could have been aimed at Leslie. In February, Bow Wow was arrested for an alleged domestic dispute involving her. This led to a viral mugshot showing Bow with scratch marks on his face. Since then, the two have been going back and forth, with Leslie claiming the rapper is "playing the victim" and lying to promote his storyline on Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta.

As a result, it's hard to believe that these subliminals are not alluding to the end of their troubled relationship.