Lil Duval Claims Racism Doesn’t Exist on the West Coast

Comedian Lil Duval recently caught the wrath of social media after sharing his misguided opinion on racism in America, tweeting that "everything ain't about race," and claiming classism has trumped it on the country's West Coast, according to VladTV. Of course, this ignited a firestorm of responses to his series of tweets, in which he insisted that the West Coast, particularly California, was "10 years ahead" of the rest of the country in that regard. 

He shared these tweets back to back on Monday night.

While his second tweet seemed to concede to the fact that his own perception might be a bit skewed, users quickly took to Twitter to share their disagreement and annoyance with the tweets.

Duval seemed to ignore most of the responses, except for one tweet asking why money sometimes shifts perspectives on racism.

As most people of color know, race-based discrimination is present all over the country and is unfortunately not superseded by fame or income.

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