50 Cent Is Open to a 'Verzuz' Battle With The Game

During a recent interview with Big Boy, 50 Cent had this to say about a potential 'Verzuz' with The Game.

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Despite their turbulent past, 50 Cent is willing to share the spotlight with The Game if given the opportunity.

During a recent interview with Big Boy, Fif says that the only Verzuz match up that makes sense to him would be a face-off with The Game. 

"Maybe Game," 50 said when asked about a potential Verzuz battle. "Okay, look. He can't play no records with my voice on 'em."

Game's manager, Wack 100, took to Instagram on Sunday where he claimed he's been trying to plan to get his artist and 50 Cent in the ring.

"Verzuz @losangelesconfidential Vs @50Cent," Wack said in a post before notifying people in 50's camp to help him organize the event. "I got my side @unclemurda Let’s figure this shit out." He then added a caption explaining that's he's got the two parties to a cordial space, and now he wants to take things to the next level. 

"I got em to Shake hands and function in the same clubs together twice," he wrote. "With a little help from @unclemurda & @djkayslay It just might happen— All Respect @50cent you told me we was good let’s give em what they want @losangelesconfidential smiles everyday — #BridgingTheGap."

On Wednesday, Wack took to IG again to say he's spoke to Game about the potential matchup and that he's down, writing, "@unclemurda what we doing go have that argument with that crazy n**ga I already had mine - #WeWitIt."

50 goes on to tell Big Boy that a Verzuz against The Game would be interesting because he knows the rapper has a lot of hits. And even though 50 only uses music as a creative outlet, he claims that The Game is the only artist he'd want to benefit from the attention the event would create. 

"As much as we argued and fought in the early stages I would rather see him benefit from the momentum than someone else," 50 said. "He'll still be part of G-Unit and is going to be a part of the legacy overall. Even if you just want to concentrate on the break-up."

Along with solidifying his legacy by possibly bringing things full circle with The Game, 50 explains that working with Pop Smoke was a natural move since he was one of his musical offsprings. 

"He had his own style but my music influenced him. This could be my kids. Like the age, could actually be my child," 50 explained while detailing how Smoke's manager, Steven Victor, brought Pop to him so that Fif could be his mentor. "So, I'm looking at him and I go 'whoa.' Even ways to sway him away from his own decisions because he's already a grown man. So I'm looking at him like 'You wanna do that or you wanna do this—what I'm doing. Because when I was doing that, I barely made it by the skin of my teeth.'"

Because 50 and Pop are so similar, the rapper-turned-media mogul is convinced that Pop Smoke won't win a Grammy

"Drill Music isn't acknowledged by the Grammys," he said. "The tones of his music match up with mines and I didn't win it. ... When it has those tones to it they not going to understand it. Hip-hop, we love things that are damaged."

Watch 50's full interview with Big Boy above.

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