Drake Talks Toronto During Surprise Set Opening for Lil Wayne: "Nobody Could Ever Disrespect This City"

Last night at History in Toronto, Drake performed a surprise set opening for mentor Lil Wayne. He also talked hometown: "No one could ever disrespect this city"

drake at lollapalooza chile

drake at lollapalooza chile

drake at lollapalooza chile

Last night at History in Toronto, Drake performed a surprise set opening for mentor Lil Wayne.

Drake was introduced as an up-and-coming local artist, before coming out and playing a hit-laden set consisting of “Marvin’s Room,” “Jungle,” “Sicko Mode,” “Energy,” “Know Yourself,” and more.

Drake also took time to shout out the hometown crowd. “I love this city. I carry you wherever I go,” he said. “I represent this shit around the world, I don’t care where I’m at. I could be anywhere. They could never disrespect us, I cemented that. I promise you. No one could ever disrespect this city. I got everybody shook, for years and years and years. Nobody could ever disrespect this city, put it on my back forever.”


Drake surprised the crowd at History last night by opening for Lil Wayne. #toronto #ovo #lilwayne #drake

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He also said “tour dates coming soon.” He has Canadian dates set in Montreal and Vancouver as part of his It’s All A Blur Tour, with Toronto plans coming soon.

Drake also gave his flowers to Wayne while they shared the stage together. “I just want to say I love my family very much,” Drake said. “I love my son very much. And I love my friends very much. But I have to tell you that this guy is on stage is the most important person in my life. I promise you.

“I want you to know that there was a time I was going all across the world trying to get shit heard and trying to get people to understand that Toronto is a place that could generate music. He’s the only guy that believed in me, real shit. Everybody turned me down, everybody shit on me. This is one of the most selfless, kindest, genius, next level...fuck it I’ve said it all already, I love you bro.”

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