Ebro and Mike WiLL Made-It Are Beefing Over Swae Lee's Co-Writing Credit on "Formation"

They two go at it again over Rae Sremmurd's lyrical credibility.

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Beyoncés “Formation” is drawing a lot of excitement from fans and critics alike. At the same time, it’s also bringing up old beefs.

Ebrocaused quite a stir last year when he claimed that Rae Sremmurd don't write their own raps. It caused Mike WiLL Made-It to speak up on the situation, saying Swae Lee and Slim Jxmmi do have the chops to pen their own hits.

Fast forward to today, and the Hot 97 personality is still singing the same song. He calls out Rae Sremmurd for co-writing Beyonce’s “Formation,” tweeting that he “co-motivates” and they’re still not “No. 3,” which is a reference to when we put their album, SremmLife at No. 3 of our Best Albums of 2015 list. We also went on Hot 97 to defend the duo's placement.

Co-writing - Trending https://t.co/jM2ecuXuHd
The greats co-wrote... https://t.co/CKEOnU9lHk
Co-writers very helpful
I co-motivate
Still not #3

Mike WiLL wasn't having it this time around. He fired back at Ebro, saying he's a hater and he should focus on getting his money up.

Always wanted to work with Beyoncé and after working with her I respect her on even more levels than I knew she was on... Real ARTist Fr
Naw no co nun dog we been the shit, been having fun, and you sir are a hater @oldmanebro lol...

Now u wanna have fun n shit 💤#Sremmlife2
You making ur self look lame as hell @oldmanebro lol, just stop, get ur check up, and focus on a 5 year plan, and run your lil show.

From there, Ebro and Slim Jxmmi had a back and forth. "I can't wait to drop #SremmLife2 so Ebro can eat his foot," he wrote. In which Ebro replied, "Imma play the whole album front to back too.... Get them #bars up tho... Just swag rappin in 2016 is zzzzzz."

U need to have more fun.... I am. #Co-Tweet bwahahahaha https://t.co/M4bMWBiaem
@oldmanebro is still not relevant
Thanks for the love... I co-motivate https://t.co/fHiy7mlXze
I don't "co-petty"... I do my petty by my lonely
@oldmanebro motivate yourself to some money.
Money is easy young buck...
Stop being basic. https://t.co/ueG46MOUBx
I can't wait to drop #SremmLife2 so Ebro can eat his foot
Imma play the whole album front to back too.... Get them #bars up tho... Just swag rappin in 2016 is zzzzzz https://t.co/1lNdC9a814
If you co-wrote.... Technically "you ain't write that shit"...
Which was my point..
But shit still good! Live youngins!
How much you ripping from them kids pockets? @MikeWiLLMadeIt @oldmanebro
Ok!! Too far... Knock it off! I love Mike & these kids. I just be playin.. Chill out https://t.co/Uf6px8WdTJ
Ghost writers make the world go 'round...

Regardless if they disagree or not, it's a good look for the Ear Drummer Records signees to work with one of the greatest musicians to ever do it. Swae Lee's tweets couldn't sound more appreciative.

Yonce' Yonce Yonce 🔥🔥
Y'all got me trending on Twitter 😘
#Formation 👯

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