Six More People Level Sexual Assault Accusations at T.I. and Tiny

The lawyer for the 11 people who are accusing T.I. and Tiny of sexual assault says another six possible victims have come forward with new allegations.

ti tiny victims

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ti tiny victims

Six more people have come forward to accuse T.I. and his spouse Tiny Harris of sexual assault, in addition to the 11 people who have already come forward.

Lawyer Tyrone A. Blackburn—who is representing the 11 alleged victims, including the original accuser, Sabrina Peterson—told the Daily Beast following claims from the six new accusers, “If I was a prosecutor, I’d have brought charges already.” A former friend of the couple, Peterson made the first claims of sexual abuse and coercion in late January, which T.I. and Tiny denied.

The 11 women who have banded together are now calling for a criminal investigation to be launched against the rapper and his wife, who have been accused of drugging, raping, and kidnapping their victims. Blackburn said he’s started initial discussions regarding his clients’ allegations with two law enforcement offices, adding that “the goal is to get justice for these women, hands down. This is not about money. This is not about clout.”

“These women have come forward because there’s a void that has been left in their lives and the people that created the void are Clifford and Tameka Harris,” he continued. “Granted, the void can never be fully filled, but at least it can be put back together if these cases are handled with care, are thoroughly investigated, indictments are executed, and the Harrises are prosecuted.”

T.I. and Tiny’s lawyer Steve Sadow responded to Blackburn’s comments, saying that “respectfully, when Blackburn exposes his would-be accusers to the light of day by revealing their names, I will have a real comment. Hiding their identities makes it impossible for me to do so.”

Last week, news emerged that T.I. won’t reprise his role in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, the third film in the franchise. It’s unclear whether this is due to the sexual assault allegations.

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