Sara Molina Says 6ix9ine Can’t See Their Daughter

6ix9ine and the mother of his daughter have long had a strained relationship.

It’s clear the mother of 6ix9ine’s daughter isn’t a fan of the rapper. Now that he might be getting out, Sara Molina has some choice words for Tekashi.

If 6ix9ine is allowed to finish his sentence at home, Molina wants him to know that seeing their 4-year-old daughter Saraiyah won’t be expected, TMZ reports.

Apart from 6ix9ine being an absent father, Molina also sees him as a safety issue, since he's been labeled a snitch. Even if that isn’t an issue, she has a list of things he needs to do before he sees Saraiyah. One is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation to ensure he’s changed since his time with the Nine Trey Bloods.

She also says she needs to feel like he actually cares about her and her daughter. In the past, Molina has felt like 6ix9ine has very little interest in her and Saraiyah’s lives. If those things take place, then she’ll think about letting him see their daughter. 

While speaking with TMZ, she said that there’s no other way to contact him except through lawyers. “If I was able to get through a lawyer, I would like to relay a message, see what’s going on, but lawyers don’t normally return my calls,” she said. If she's able to talk to him, she would insist that he “needs to do a lot of changes. All you got right now is time and use that time wisely.”

Earlier this week, 6ix9ine asked to serve the remainder of his prison sentence under home confinement or in a community correctional facility. The rapper claims to be concerned for his safety and pointed to the Blood gang members who are housed with him who may try to harm him for his involvement in exposing several peopled. The rapper was sentenced to two years in prison and five years of supervised release last month. The 13 months he has already spent behind bars will count as time served. 

Around the holidays, Molina and Tekashi’s girlfriend also got into it over Instagram. After the rapper’s girlfriend Jade showed off a chain that appeared to be a Christmas gift from her boyfriend, Molina took to her Instagram Stories where she accused Jade of sending shots at her and 6ix9ine of not taking care of his child. 

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