Denise Bidot Shares Sweet Birthday Message to Lil Wayne: 'The Greatest Love of My Life'

Denise Bidot took to IG to wish her boyfriend, Lil Wayne, a happy birthday. "You’ve been my teacher, friend and the greatest love of my life," she wrote.


Image via Getty/Prince Williams


Lil Wayne’s girlfriend Denise Bidot took to Instagram on Monday to wish the rapper a happy birthday.

“Happy birthday to my favorite human on this or any planet. You’ve been my teacher, friend, and the greatest love of my life. Cheers to you @liltunechi. You truly are the goat,” the model wrote alongside images of them standing next to lifesize letters of their initials. Wayne turned 39 on Monday.

Bidot has shown her love for the rapper on social media before. Last summer, she shared a photo of them lovingly embracing each other to IG, with the caption, “Thank you for loving me the way you do baby. Don’t think I ever knew what love was before you came in my life. My king.”

It seemed that the pair might have broken up late last year, around the time of the presidential election and Weezy’s endorsement of Trump, with Bidot and the rapper unfollowing and refollowing each other on IG. But whatever the case may have been, the couple deaded those rumors when Wayne posted a video of them together on the beach in April.

Later, in July, Weezy addressed rumors circulated that he had gotten married. In an IG Live session with Nicki Minaj, he plainly told her, “I did not get married” after a tweet he sent out saw him in a celebratory mood.

“Happiest man alive! Today is the beginning of our forever. Forever?? Forever, ever?? FOREVER EVER!!!!! The Carters,” he tweeted in April. Wayne clarified to Nicki that he was actually talking about his sons, who had started a group called The Carters.

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