It appears that Lil Wayne’s romance with Denise Bidot might be on the rocks.

On Tuesday, the model took to Instagram to share an enigmatic message from IG account @happy.girl33 that could be about her relationship: “Pretty disappointing when you defend someone throughout everything and they turn out being just as shitty as everyone said they were.”

Additionally, at the time of this story, she was only following one person on IG, and it wasn’t Weezy—and for his part, the rapper was also only following one person on the platform, and it wasn’t Bidot. From that alone, it’s easy to understand why people think they’ve broken up, though it’s unclear.

Rumors of the couple parting ways surfaced after Weezy publicly endorsed Donald Trump in late October, which caused Bidot to reportedly unfollow the rapper on IG and Twitter. However, a week later, Bidot denied any alleged breakup, and Wayne and Bidot seemed to work it out with him refollowing her on IG.

Back in August, the model revealed that she had been single for 10 years before she began dating Lil Tunechi, with her reportedly writing on IG, “After over 10 years of being single I’m allowing love in and idgaf who has an opinion about it. Also for those of you showing love and being happy for me, I see you and I appreciate you!”