During an Instagram Live in which he addressed a video of him fighting fellow Houston rapper Rizzoo Rizzoo, Maxo Kream called out Tekashi 6ix9ine.

Always eager to troll his contemparies, 6ix9ine has recently been commenting on Maxo's posts as well as posts about him. In one such instance on a post from DJ Akademiks, he wrote, "This guy pulled up with guns and I think he's on probation... Hold my watch let me make a quick call." Unimpressed by the controversial rapper's attempts to provoke, Maxo held nothing back when addressing the comments 6ix9ine allegedly keeps deleting.

"My n***a 6ix9ine... I see you on my shit," he said on the stream, which he later uploaded a clip of. "Commenting and shit. Deleting shit. Look bro, I paid all my parking tickets. I'm not on probation. Stay outta gangsta shit, bro. We gon' ignore that shit. We ain't on that shit. Stay your bitch ass where you at, mane. We don't fuck with rats."

In the description of the post on Instagram, he told 6ix9ine to "move yo rat ass around on." 

The clip of Maxo fighting Rizzoo surfaced last week, and the rapper has since said they "met up for a disagreement." He said they had a "problem" and decided to handle it "like men," and has even offered a "salute" to Rizzoo upon talking about the clip. When it started to circulate social media, Young Thug called Maxo "the people's champ" because Rizzoo is an affliate of Sauce Walka, who Thugger is famously not a fan of.

In the same Instagram Live he called out 6ix9ine, Maxo reflected on the beef and made it clear he wasn't looking to pick sides. "I chopped it up with my boy Thug and I chopped it up with my boy Walk, you know what I'm sayin'? So shit, that's all that need to be known," he said. "All you spectators, everybody, you know what I'm sayin', lookin' to add some shit up and get a reaction out of some shit, y'all move your bitch ass around." 

Watch the full clip Maxo posted to his Instagram above.