50 Cent Disses His Son and Supreme Griff's Son

It doesn’t look like the beef between 50 Cent's beefs between his son and Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff—a.k.a. Supreme Griff—is going to end anytime soon. 

50 Cent in NYC

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50 Cent in NYC

It doesn’t look like 50 Cent's beefs between his son and Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff—a.k.a. Supreme Griff—is going to end anytime soon. 

Yesterday, the Instagram user @meccapolis posted a photo of Fif’s son, Marquise Jackson with Supreme Griff’s son. Later, according to @balleralert, Fif left a comment on the photo, writing, “if both these little n***as got hit by a bus, I wouldn’t have a bad day.”

Fif and 22-year-old Marquise have had a strained relationship for years and often go after each other on social media. The hostility between the two stems from Fif's relationship with Marquise’s mother, Shaniqua Tompkins, who filed a $50 million lawsuit against the rapper around 10 years ago.

However, in February 2009, a judge threw out the lawsuit, per People. Tompkins also alleged that Fif was trying to evict her and Marquise from their Long Island, New York home.

In February, Fif’s longtime adversary Ja Rule reminded Fif that his son is his fan, re-sharing a quote Marquise gave to Rap-Up back in 2017, regarding the Ja Rule legacy. “Ja Rule was probably one of the first to [sing and rap] and I listen to a lot of Ja Rule because of that,” it read.

This June, for Father’s Day, Marquise trolled Fif with an Instagram photo, reminding fans of the bad blood between the two. The photo shows Marquise at lunch with his arm extended, as if he’s putting his arm around someone’s shoulder. “Father’s Day lunch lol," read the caption.

As for the beef between Fif and Supreme Griff—well, that’s a bit more life and death. In 2005, federal investigators claimed to have discovered evidence that Griff was plotting to kill Fif over 2000's "Ghetto Qu'ran" for portraying his criminal past, according to The Guardian. There was an alleged conspiracy brewing between Griff and some employees of the music label Murder Inc. In May 2000, Fif had survived getting shot nine times in South Jamaica, Queens.

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