Nicki Minaj Plans to Update ‘Queen’ With an Additional Future Feature

Nicki announced the news Friday during the second episode of Queen Radio. The rapper broke down the album track-by-track, dishing on everything from the inspiration to her initial reactions to the cuts.

It sounds like there’s more Queen material on the way.

In celebration of her newly released fourth studio album, Nicki Minaj returned to Beats 1 for her second episode of Queen Radio on Friday to shed more light on the long-awaited project. The 35-year-rapper broke down the album track-by-track, and casually revealed that an updated Queen album was on deck.

Nicki shared the news when dishing about the Future-assisted cut “Sir.” After giving a shoutout to the rappers’ joint NICKIHNDRXX Tour, she announced her intentions to drop another version of Queen that will include an additional Future feature.

Unfortunately, Nicki didn’t provide any details about what the collaborative record would deliver, or when it will see the light of day. However, it may be included in the Target version of Queen, where Nicki promises two additional tracks to the 19-track set.

The target album comes with 2 additional songs. Y’all gonna fuk wit it

— Nicki Minaj (@NICKIMINAJ) August 10, 2018

Future pulled a similar move with his 2016 Hndrxx album. About four months after the project’s debut, the Atlanta rapper updated the streaming version with “Pie” featuring Chris Brown. A month later, Future added “You da Baddest” with Nicki.

Other highlights in Friday’s broadcast included her reaction to Eminem’s verse on “Majesty”.

“Eminem delivered on ‘Majesty,’ with what’s going to be one of the best verses in history,” she said. “It’s refreshing to work with rappers who rap. I love a man who is humble enough—even when he’s that dude—to let a woman shine.”

She also talked about Biggie’s influence on her career: “Notorious B.I.G. R.I.P—he’s still inspiring me, four albums in. That’s what you call greatness.”

Episode three of Queen Radio will air Thursday (Aug. 16) live from Beats 1 in New York. Until then, you can stream Nicki’s new album on Apple Music/iTunes.

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