Nick Cannon Takes Shot at Eminem Stans on New Track "Used to Look Up to You"

The song continues the longstanding beef between Cannon and Shady.

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Nick Cannon is now taking aim at Eminem fans.

The beef between the entertainers reignited last month, when Em took a swipe at Cannon on "Lord Above" by Fat Joe and Dre. Shady's guest verse included a reference to Cannon and his ex-wife Mariah Carey, who Shady claims to have dated over a decade ago; Carey, however, denies the relationship, which has led to years of disses and he-said-she-said drama.

"I know me and Mariah didn't end on a high note/But that other dude's whipped, that pussy got him neutered," Em rapped on "Lord Above." "Tried to tell him this chick's a nutjob before he got his jewels clipped/Almost got my caboose kicked/Fool, quit, you not gon' do shit/I let her chop my balls off too before I lost to you, Nick."

Cannon fired back with a series of diss tracks—"The Invitation," "Pray for Him," and "Canceled: Invitation"; however, Em has yet to respond via music. So, who is Cannon turning his direction toward now? The Eminem stans who have roasted him throughout the recent drama.

"N***as out here tweetin' like they been a savage," he rapped in his new track "Used to Look Up to You." "Dick ridin' lil Marshall Mathers/Had to put on my turban like I'm Aladdin/N**as out here cappin', Black Lives Matter."

The cut appeared on Cannon's new mixtape The Miseducation of the Negro You Love to Hate. You can stream the project now on Apple Music or Spotify and listen to "Used to Look Up to You" above.

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