Nick Cannon recently found himself in a feud with Eminem once again after the rapper dissed him on Fat Joe's "Lord Above." Cannon instantly responded to the diss on his radio show, and later dropped off a pair of tracks directed at Em. Following the release of the first song, "The Invitation," Marshall taunted Cannon on Twitter. "I demand an apology, Nicholas," he tweeted.

Despite the muted response to the set of disses, Cannon has declared himself the winner of the beef. "I won!!! This has been fun now back to your regularly scheduled programs," he tweeted at Eminem on Thursday. 

Twitter doesn't seem so sure. Earlier this week, #ripnickcannon was trending as his two tracks were ruthlessly mocked. Now that he's said he came out on top, Twitter has once again taken aim at Cannon. The tweet has since been ratio'd, with over 2,000 replies and just shy of 500 likes as of Friday.

Em and Cannon's beef first started over a decade ago when the former dissed the latter on "Bagpipes from Baghdad," on which he claimed he had an affair with Cannon's then-wife Mariah Carey. They went back and forth for years, but it flared up again earlier this year when Cannon appeared on T.I.'s podcast.