XXXTentacion Murder Trial Begins, Footage Released Showing Him Withdraw $50,000 Prior to Death

The trial of three men accused of murdering South Florida native and rapper XXXTentacion began Tuesday, more than four years after his death.

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The opening day of the trial for the three men accused of fatally shooting XXXTentacion began Thursday.

In court, one of the South Florida rapper’s friends detailed how he and the artist were ambushed while driving in his BMW.

“If I run, I can get shot, but I can live. If I sit...” Leonard Kerr began recalling for the court, while detailing how his friend XXXTentacion was killed while pulling out of the Riva Motorsports parking lot near Fort Lauderdale on June 18, 2018. The Associated Press said Kerr then trailed off “until he stopped to regain his composure”

XXXTentacion withdrawing $50,000 from the bank moments before he was killed in 2018 has been released following the start of his murder trial.

— Daily Loud (@DailyLoud) February 7, 2023

According to Kerr, the two men confronted them with weapons, urging them to get out of the car. Kerr obliged, while XXXTentacion stayed in the vehicle. As Kerr fled, he heard “at least two loud bangs,” before he noticed the two men got back into their car and had taken the $50,000 XXXTentacion is seen withdrawing from his bank account in the above video.

Three men involved in the murder face charges, with Michael Boatwright, 28, accused of being the shooter; Trayon Newsome, 24, accused of being the other gunman; and Dedrick Williams, 26, accused of being the driver. 

The trio were arrested after they hopped on social media and flaunted the money allegedly stolen from XXX.

“They go on social media and start bragging that they have this influx of cash,” prosecutor Pascale Achille said. “They flash it like it’s Christmas Day.”

The trial is expected to continue until March.

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