The Game Claps Back at Troll for Saying He's 50 Years Old

The Twitter exchange happened after the Compton rapper reminded women that men deserve "to be spoiled too."

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Tread lightly when it comes to bringing up The Game's age.

One Twitter user learned that the hard way on Sunday, after claiming the Compton rapper was 50 years old. The exchange took place under a post from Hollywood Unlocked, which reposted an Instagram Story from the Game, where he reminded women that they, too, can spoil the men in their lives.

"Ladies, Zelle him $6,500 if you love him. He deserves to be spoiled too," he wrote.

The Game was subsequently roasted for his comment, with one Twitter troll calling out the "Hate It Or Love It" rapper for being "50 years old and on the internet talking like this."

After catching wind of the remark, the Game issued a correction, reminding the user that he's actually 43. The West Coast MC blamed Justin Laboy for the comments in question.

"I'm 43 bitch n***a n it was a joke in my story reposted by Justin Laboy...get ya panties out ya cheeks," he wrote.

On the music side of things, the Game recently revealed he wants to become the first rapper to sign an artist in each state.

Earlier this month, the Compton artist—who in 2021 founded the independent record label 100 Entertainment with his manager Wack 100—hopped on Instagram to urge aspiring artists to hit him up.

"Imma be da first rapper to sign an artist in each state," he wrote. "Tag drop names below imma be glued to my DMs let's go." 

The Game says he's going to be the first rapper to sign an artist in each state 👀

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