Hours after Elon Musk shared a poll on Twitter asking if he should step down as head of the company, Snoop Dogg hopped on the platform to ask his followers the same question.

“Should I run Twitter?” Snoop tweeted. The poll, which was posted Sunday night, has since received nearly three million responses, with 81 percent of the Twitter users voting “Yes.”

Whether joking or not, Snoop has received far more backing than Musk, whose poll received over 17.5 million responses, with 57.5 percent of the votes calling for him to step down.

Musk, who claims he will “abide” by the results of the poll, later tweeted, “As the saying goes, be careful what you wish, as you might get it.”

“Those who want power are the ones who least deserve it,” Musk added in a subsequent tweet.

Meanwhile, in other news regarding Snoop, the Long Beach rapper has joined forces with Ice CubeToo Short, and E-40, to form Mount Westmore, a new hip-hop supergroup which recently released its official debut album Snoop Cube 40 $hort.

“You bring the legends of the West Coast together; something great will always happen,” Snoop told HotNewHipHop after announcing the group. “Cube, 40, Short, and I have been running the game for years. This is the perfect time because each of us brings authentic and new ideas to the table. All four together? That’s magic.” 

Stream Mount Westmore’s full-length project now on all major platforms.