Drake Reminds Rappers to Wish Him a Happy Father's Day This Year

Drake is reminding his “sons” to wish him a Happy Father’s Day this year. The 6 God took to Instagram on Sunday to share the tongue-in-cheek message.

Drake performs at Lil Baby & Friends event

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Drake performs at Lil Baby & Friends event

Drake is reminding his “sons” to wish Champagne Papi a Happy Father’s Day this year.  

The 6 God took to Instagram on Sunday to share a tongue-in-cheek message aimed at his fellow rappers.

“A lot of them boys you entertain wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for me so don’t forget to wish me a happy fathers day June 18th,” Drake wrote alongside a picture of him snuggled up with his Akita, Diamond. 

While Drake’s statement is sure to ruffle a few feathers, there’s no denying his place in the hierarchy of hip-hop.

During a recent conversation with Complex, one of Drizzy’s predecessors, Dipset’s Jim Jones, declared Drake the GOAT. 

When asked where Drake stands in hip-hop history, Jones replied: “I would say he’s the greatest of all time. I would just give that to him. And I mean, there’s a lot of people from the beginning and people that invented hip-hop, I know. But the greatest of all time, it’s a big statement, and the relevancy that he keeps showing year after year, hit after hit, record after record. Any song that he has put out has seemed to go multiple platinum.”

Jones continued, “That’s never happened before in history. I mean, there are a few other people that do astronomical numbers like that, but he really in it, you know what I mean? From all angles of music. It ain’t no place you go where they’re not going to play some Drake records to get the party started. He moves around here like the real Bruce Wayne. He’s my spirit animal, man. I just got to give credit where credit is due, and not taking away from nobody else.”

Shortly after posting the Father’s Day message on Instagram, Drake announced his upcoming It’s All A Blur Tour. Check out the tour announcement below, and the full list of dates here.

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