Drake Offers to Pay Off Mortgage of Fan's Deceased Mother's Home

It's just the latest blessing the 6 God has offered up during his It's All A Blur - Big As The What? Tour.

Drake in a concert, wearing a jacket, performing with a microphone
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Drake in a concert, wearing a jacket, performing with a microphone

Drake continues giving out blessings on his It's All A Blur - Big As the What? tour.

While performing at the T-Mobile Center in Kansas City, Missouri, on Saturday, Drizzy offered to pay off the mortgage for the home of a fan's deceased mother. The Toronto rapper paused the show to interact with the crowd, at which point he received a note from one fan that explained the situation.

"You said, '[Pay] off my mom's house, rest in peace.' Your mom passed away? Alright. And you owe... Oh, this is the outstanding balance right here," he said as he read a note that was passed to him from the front rows. "This is a lot of money right here."

"But you know what, Imma pay off your momma's house for you," Drake confirmed.

Drake offers to pay the house off for a fan's deceased motherpic.twitter.com/LFDBpSEiqZ

— Complex Music (@ComplexMusic) March 3, 2024
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Drake subsequently revealed the amount was $160,000, adding that he would cover the expense "out of my pocket."

"That's gonna come from me," Drake shared. "Rest in peace to your momma. Hold on, wait. Rest in peace to Jennifer Schumer. Rest in peace. I love you."

Of course, it isn't the first time Drake offered a charitable act to a fan in need. Back in February, the For All the Dogs rapper gifted a cancer survivor $50,000. Days prior, Drizzy promised to pay $100,000 to a fan who'd just finished a round of chemotherapy treatments.

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